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The rehearsal weekend in the small town of Bad Rothenfelde, preparing the Fury stallions for for the Venus erotic convention in Berlin 2012

Another clip from our rehearsal weekend: Time for some fun with the local fastfood provider and how bio-horses react to meeting the fury ponies

This Video was shot by a friend, featuring the Fury stallions' first big trip through the streets of Berlin while visiting the Venus erotic convention in Berlin 2012.

Some German tv-show featuring the Fury stallions' convention appearance at the Venus erotic convention in Berlin 2012 (lots of German talking).

Long video of the opening gig at the Venus erotic convention with some erotic starlets posing in front of and with the Fury stallions.

Another video of the same opening gig.

"Ask the Pony 1" A peek at the men behind the masks and how they see pony play.